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Current Projects

Central to GINLC’s Mission is to ensure that our work not only enhances the beauty of our island home but benefits the residents of Grosse Ile.  Since our founding in 1993, we have completed countless projects; all requiring many hours of volunteer time and many requiring capital funding. 

Larger projects have included developing safe access for the public to view and enjoy the natural beauty of the Island. These include the development of Sunrise Park (owned by the Township but stewarded by GINLC) to allow safe access to the beach, a kayak ramp, and an observation scope. A boardwalk and observation deck have been installed at our Hennepin Marsh Gateway that affords visitors wide open views of the Trenton Channel. A photo blind was constructed overlooking the old quarry at the Airport Nature Area which gives visitors and birders alike a unique place to spot the many species of birds that populate this area. Within the Airport Nature Area, debris left behind from the former US Naval Station has been removed and trails and decks have been constructed for visitors to enjoy the rehabilitation of a natural area that had been abandoned for decades.  Trees were planted on our Kobiljak Preserve.

Many more projects have been undertaken to restore shorelines, control invasive species, promote the growth of native plants, erect informational, interpretive signs as well as ongoing maintenance to maintain the beauty of our preserves. As we see more people using these trails and enjoying the views from lookouts, we can be certain that the work undertaken by GINLC is adding value to our quality of life here in Grosse Ile.

There is no shortage of projects on the GINLC drawing board. We will publish more details as these projects start to take shape. Every project, no matter how large or small, can only be undertaken by the generosity of GINLC members through their financial membership donations or giving of their time. Both are equally necessary and GINLC is extremely grateful.

RC during garden plant
GINLC John C. Jackson Resource Center
(2022 - April 2024)  Grand opening April 2024
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