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Dr. Bruce Jones Preserve

The Bruce Jones Preserve property, located at the southwest corner of Meridian and Bridge Roads, was purchased in early 2022 by the GINLC. It was named in honour of Dr. Bruce D. Jones, who was a founding member and former President of the GINLC. This property is highly valuable ecologically because of the many varied habitats that exist there, including some offshore islands, marsh areas, and vernal ponds. It provides a valuable habitat for a variety of amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles. There are also many large native tree specimens (some over 200 years old) on the property, including Red Oak, White Oak, Swamp White Oak, Shagbark Hickory, Hackberry, Ironwood, and Eastern Cottonwood. 
There has been a significant amount of activity that has happened at the Dr. Bruce D. Jones Preserve since the GINLC was able to acquire the 15.8-acre ecologically valuable parcel. After several visits to the Preserve and an in-depth discussion by GINLC Board members, these Preserve objectives were established.  
•    Protect the natural area.
•    Facilitate self-directed nature education.
•    Provide a venue for Environmental Educational Events.

Gilbert and BJP Kiosk.jpg

Eagle Scout Candidate Cole Gilbert and Doug Thiel with the newly constructed kiosk.

A management plan was developed to guide the organization on completing projects at the preserve that would support the Preserve objectives. Specific elements include:

  • Installation of GINLC Preserve signs to highlight the location of the Dr. Bruce Jones Preserve. Signs were installed in the spring of 2023 along Meridian and Bridge Roads.

  • Provide access to parking for visitors to the Preserve. This has been achieved through an agreement established with the Township to use Township owned property adjacent to the Preserve at the northwest corner of the preserve from Bridge Road. (9331 Bridge Rd, Grosse Ile Township).

  • Clean up discarded concrete culverts.  

  • Development of a walking trail with interpretive signs covering the significant ecological features in the Preserve. The trail route was laid out with the assistance of Chris Lehr of Nativescapes, an ecological consulting firm. The trail has now been established by GINLC volunteers and key ecological features in the Preserve have been identified. An informational kiosk has been installed at the trailhead to provide key information about the GINLC and the Preserve. This kiosk was constructed and installed by Cole Gilbert as an Eagle Scout project during the summer and fall of 2023. Cole is a member of Troop 1261 on Grosse Ile. Cameron Waszkiewicz of Troop 1051 in Allen Park will be working on an additional Eagle Scout project at the Preserve involving the construction and installation of nature interpretive signs for visitors highlighting the important ecological features at the Preserve. The text for the signs is being developed by Grosse Ile High School students in cooperation with GINLC personnel. Cameron’s project is anticipated to be completed by the end of summer 2024.

  • Completion of a Detroit River observation platform with interpretive signs is in the early stages of review by GINLC personnel. In the future, GINLC will also be considering a Forested Wetland Observation Platform and interpretive sign.

  • Removal of invasive plant species in the Preserve.

The GINLC looks forward to the completion of these planned improvements at the Preserve to enhance the visitor experience at this beautiful Preserve. 

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