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GINLC John C. Jackson Resource Center
RC and sign at night

The Grosse Ile Nature and Land Conservancy is excited to announce the opening of the GINLC John C Jackson Resource Center, situated at 8801 Macomb St in Grosse Ile. 
Nestled within the heart of the Grosse Ile business district and adjacent to Open Space, this location perfectly aligns with the Conservancy's mission:

"To promote, for the public benefit, the preservation, stewardship, and understanding of the natural resources in the Township of Grosse Ile and surrounding area."

The resource center has undergone extensive renovations to cater to the Conservancy's requirements, providing office spaces, meeting rooms, and training facilities, as well as storage areas for documents, supplies, and equipment repair.

Designed to host both indoor and outdoor conservancy and environmental training programs, the center serves as a beacon of environmental stewardship best practices. The Event Area serves as a hub for environmental education programs and board meetings, featuring displays highlighting the Conservancy's commitment to environmental protection and ways to ensure a healthy natural environment for future generations.
The Workroom Area facilitates organized supply management and equipment maintenance.


Michigan Mammals - Event 2024

In 2023, a naturalistic landscaping project transformed the front of the building into a tranquil space for visitors to relax amidst native vegetation. Additionally, the garden initiative replaced 2600 square feet of impervious asphalt with a vibrant garden, incorporating rainwater management features such as a rain garden and bioswale to reduce the building's environmental footprint. Located along Macomb Street, the center allows the Conservancy to actively participate in community events and initiatives, collaborating with the DDA to enrich the Macomb business district's vibrancy and welcoming atmosphere.

Transitioning Away from Fossil Fuels
In our Resource Center, we've taken decisive steps to eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels. Our efficient heat pumps efficiently regulate the building's temperature, while our hybrid water heater harnesses heat pump technology. By embracing LED lighting throughout the center and gradually shifting from gasoline-powered to battery-operated stewardship equipment, we've significantly reduced our greenhouse gas emissions.


Protecting Avian Life, One Window at a Time
The tragic toll on bird populations due to window collisions spurred us to action. By affixing anti-collision decals on the most vulnerable windows, we're helping countless birds avoid fatal accidents. These measures mitigate the risk posed by glass reflections, which birds often mistake for actual landscapes or vegetation.


Volunteers planting the rain garden. Fall 2023

(Photo credit: L.El-Zein)

Embracing Native and Naturalistic Landscaping
Our commitment to naturalistic gardening not only enhances the aesthetics of our surroundings but also promotes sustainability. By opting for native plants, we've minimized the need for excessive watering, weeding, and fertilization. Organized into distinct biomes such as Woodland,  Prairie, Rain Gardens & Bioswales, and Shrubland & Bird Borders, our plantings thrive in harmony with their environment. Discover further details about our garden by clicking on this link

Effective Storm Water Management
To mitigate stormwater runoff and its impact on our ecosystem, we embarked on a garden project that replaced 2600 square feet of impervious asphalt with vibrant greenery. By directing rainwater from the roof into designated rain gardens and channeling runoff from the parking lot into bioswales, we're actively reducing our footprint on the Detroit River and promoting water conservation.

Native Tree Nursery & Composting Facility

Our dedication to native plants goes beyond our naturalistic garden. We enhance the habitat on our preserves by utilizing trees native to our area. To support this initiative, we are building a native tree nursery where we will cultivate trees for future planting on our preserves.

Additionally, we are creating a composting area for the organic waste generated by our naturalistic garden.

Members of the Monday Morning Stewardship Crew constructed the tree farm/nursery in the backyard of the RC on June 10,2024. We will be planting trees in the fenced in area.

Looking ahead, the Conservancy plans to expand its facilities with an assembly pavilion, walking trail, and solar panels, further advancing its commitment to environmental conservation and education. Keep an eye out for updates and future events as we continue to grow and engage with the community!

Our first Board of Directors meeting in the Resource Center Boardroom.

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