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Dr. Bruce Jones Memorial Scholarship

in 1993, GINLC founder Dr. Bruce Jones and other committed residents of Grosse Ile came together with two main goals – to protect and preserve Grosse Ile’s precious natural areas, and to educate and inspire future generations of conservation stewards to carry on that work on our island home, and throughout the world.

pict0057 Bruce Jones

Dr. Bruce Jones

We will be accepting applications in the spring of 2025.

In 2012 the GINLC established the annual Dr. Bruce Jones Memorial Scholarship for the Grosse Ile High School senior who has exhibited academic excellence and dedication to protecting our natural environment. 

The Applicant must:

  • Be a GIHS senior, or a GI resident, who is graduating from high school in 2025

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.8 or above through the 2024-2025 fall semester

High School seniors can apply for this scholarship by writing about their experiences working to protect our natural environment. 

Now is the perfect time for your high school student to complete some community service hours to protect our natural environment ... and then write about the experiences on the scholarship application.

  • Grosse Ile High School seniors should contact the GIHS Counseling Office for information, application form, and submission.

  • Grosse Ile residents graduating from other high schools should email the application to   (The application can be found here.)

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