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Our Strategic Direction

Our Vision: The natural water and land areas of Grosse Ile will be preserved in perpetuity.

Our Mission: To promote for public benefit the preservation, stewardship and understanding of the natural resources in the Township of Grosse Ile and the surrounding area.

The Future to which we aspire. 

  • GINLC will be a leading advocate for environmental protection and sustainability. We will work with elected officials to develop and implement policies that protect our environment and promote sustainable development. We will educate the public about the importance of environmental protection. 

  • GINLC is committed to making Grosse Ile a model community for sustainability through education and example. We believe that sustainability can be achieved while enhancing the quality of life for residents. 

  • We create a sustainable and healthy environment for Grosse Ile by protecting natural areas, replacing invasive species with native plants, and increasing public access to the waterfront. We have implemented an appropriate plan for every preserve that maximizes our impact via habitat protection and education potential. 

  • We build and strengthen partnerships with other organizations to achieve our shared environmental goals. 

  • We manage a cohort of people ranging from interested individuals to active volunteers, members, and leaders. We have a pipeline of young leaders and a succession plan for our board of directors. We believe that a diverse board will make our organization stronger and more effective in serving our community.

  • We secure a sustainable funding stream through a strong grant writing program, fundraising efforts, and endowment growth so that we can continue to protect our environment and serve our community.

Our Five -Year Plan: The specific activities we plan to complete each year, broken down to the committee level.  (View our Five-year Plan)

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