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Resource Center Naturalistic Garden

Our commitment to naturalistic gardening not only enhances the aesthetics of our surroundings but also promotes sustainability. By opting for native plants, we've minimized the need for excessive watering, weeding, and fertilization. Organized into distinct biomes such as Woodland,  Prairie, Rain Gardens & Bioswales, and Shrubland & Bird Borders, our plantings thrive in harmony with their environment.

In this garden, there are hundreds of plants, making it challenging to identify each one separately. Nevertheless, you can refer to this planting design to locate the specific plants that catch your interest.

Naturalistic gardening is low maintenance. Because native
plants have evolved to thrive in the surrounding climate and
conditions, there is less need for extra watering once the plants are established. A watering schedule in the first three years is advised to establish new plantings. During this time, added fertilization should not be necessary as the decaying plant matter from the previous season will continue to feed the soil. 


When the plants fully develop into their mature dimensions, weed pressure will be greatly reduced. Once the garden is established and the ground is covered in a closely planted design, weeds tend to germinate sparingly. In addition, leaving the seed heads will feed wildlife through the winter, so a spring cleanup is the most maintenance needed outside of weeding.

Taylor Beaufore has developed this Maintenance Guide for Naturalistic Gardens, that includes imagages of the plants found in our Garden. 

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