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Research conducted by: Laynie Gratz, Lottie Summitt, and Stella Sukockas, Grosse Ile High School Students


What is the range of the crabapple tree?
USDA Hardiness zone 4 to 8.


How to identify a crabapple tree
Crabapple Trees typically reach heights of 15 to 20 feet and showcase a profusion of fragrant, pinkish-red flower buds or deep-pink flowers. As the season advances, they produce small, red fruit that adds visual interest and attracts animals.


How have people made use of crabapple trees?
People use the crabapple trees to make many different types of foods. Such as applesauce, juice, jam, or even fermenting into liquor. People also use the wood to make different items like spoons and tables. 


How do animals, insects and others make use of the tree?
Flowering crab apples are a great source of spring pollen for bees at a time when they are quickly growing the bee nursery. They also provide wildlife with a pretty fall color and winter fruit for wildlife.


Symbiotic relationship with other species
They provide food for humans and provide food for bees. The bees give back to them by pollinating their flowers as well. 



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