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Sunrise Park Next Phase Improvement Proposal FAQ

What about parking?
Parking is available behind the Grosse Ile Historical Society, which is situated directly across East River Road thanks to an arrangement between the Grosse Ile Historical Society and the township.  This project will not affect the parking arrangement.

ADA Access from the parking lot?

This project addresses ADA access from the top of the stairway to the restroom and observation platform. ADA access from the parking lot behind the museum is not affected. The existing driveway from the parking lot to East River Road can be used for access to the park.  

Do we even need a restroom in the park?
It is hard to enjoy nature when nature calls and there’s no room for relief in sight. Even though pedestrians, cyclists, kayakers, and families use Sunrise Park, there are no readily available restrooms in the area. Parks providers should not view outdoor restroom facilities as necessary evils, but as essential elements to an infrastructure that will maximize park usage and rec program participation.  When park users are asked about the desirability of bathrooms as part of a list of choices, they tend to get a very high ranking.  This link will take you to a sampling of feedback we have collected. 

Will the restroom be open year-round?

No, the restroom will not be heated and will be open only during the months when temperatures will be above freezing.

Will the restroom be open 24 hours a day?

No, the restroom will only be open during daylight hours. The exact times the restroom will be open will be determined by the Recreation Department.

What about a portable rest room behind the Historical Society?

A portable restroom located in the parking lot behind the Historical Society does not meet the needs of park users regarding accessibility, security, and sanitary requirements. Portable restrooms are used only when no other options exist. Water and sanitary sewer lines have already been installed at the park to allow for a fully functional restroom.

Who will pay for on-going maintenance?

Sunrise Park is owned by Grosse Ile Township. The township will be responsible for on-going maintenance.


What about vandalism?
It is our intent to include necessary design elements, including proper placement, to minimize vandalism. These improvements can include cameras, proper lighting, automated locks, and proper line of sight from the road. The Grosse Ile Police Department has already installed a 24-hour security camera to monitor activity at the park.  

I’m not sure I want a rest room in my neighborhood.
It is our intent to include the necessary design elements, including proper placement, to make the park improvements a real show piece. We plan to have an architect conduct the detailed design work. As with past GINLC work at the park, the Township engineer will be involved in every phase of the design. The restroom will be located east of the berm at the end of Grosse Ile Parkway. Existing vegetation on the berm and north of the berm will screen the restroom. The restroom will be visible when traveling north on East River to allow police to easily monitor activity.

What about liability?
The township carries insurance. This project will not have an effect.

Can the patio and observation area be reserved?

The Recreation Department will determine the reservation policy, if any, for these areas.

Will usage rules for the park be changed?

No rule changes are anticipated. 

If you have questions, comments or want to learn how to help, please contact Project Manager, Peter Kantz at

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